Saturday, 12 January 2013

Is Profitablesunrise a HYIP ?

Lets review Profitablesunrise through HYIP vision

Many view Profitable Sunrise as a typical HYIP but it's not. In one sentence, they are Collateral Lenders! What does that mean? They lend to businesses that only have sufficient collateral to cover any losses on their borrowings.

This reduces the risk significantly for the investor and considering that they have only had two loan defaults in the past twelve months, Profitable Sunrise has positioned itself as a leader in the business sector it operates in. Their hard money lending model has been operational since 2007-2008 and is growing stronger every month.

Profitable Sunrise has key collateral and lending specialists that analyse the current and future growth of the business. Roman has a 2 - 4 year plan and by that time he hopes Profitable Sunrise will be a multi-billion capital business. Having their registered offices in the UK, they are considered to be offshore. It is expected they may move jurisdiction again sometime in the future but most of their current operations are based within the American marketplace.
So if people are saying that they can't find a trading history in the UK for them... that's ok because they aren't trading within the United Kingdom, they are mostly trading in the US and China and comply with all the UK and international regulatory requirements. Roman was very rational and investment savvy to give me and you one bit of advice and it is this:

Despite being a great business model and legally sound to trade and extend credit to struggling businesses, Profitable Sunrise should be treated like any investment opportunity: take your seed money after about 40-45 days and make your money work for you 100%!

Roman was very quick to put his members at ease with statements like the above and wants to change so many people's lives it's not even funny. Roman came into this business from a high end mortgage lending business and was very much clued into the financial and lending money markets. So if you think you are dealing with some faceless guy on the other end of the computer just using other people's money to pay the new guys in...think again.... Instead the user’s investments are calculated, organised and packaged into much needed investment capital for struggling businesses.

This rates are very high and actually come in marginally higher than what we are getting which makes perfect fiscal sense. This has the potential to change lives in a matter of months, not years and it is very very realistic. Profitable Sunrise has a very talented team running this business and they range from attorneys to lending and collateral risk analysts to computer and business analysts.

Put your caps on... this is a very exciting business!
So let’s build this thing... Once he reaches their target of 3 billion capital... new members maybe capped
but that's another 2-4 years away.

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